The Rubys are Coming, The Rubys are Coming! Prep feeders for hungry hummers!

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It was an amazing last summer to watch these little birds fly over for a visit.    
Photo: © DFries
If you had visitors travel 900 miles to your house for dinner you would probably plan a great meal for their arrival.  Ruby Throated Hummingbirds are on their way north so get your feeders ready, they will be hungry when they get here!

April is full of activity in Lexington, Massachusetts with the Minutemen and the Red Coats getting ready for the yearly reenactment on the Battle Green.  And, although the famous call "The red coats are coming!  The red coats are coming!" from Paul Revere can still be heard around here in the dark of night as he rides into town on his horse, migratory birds including the ruby throated hummingbird are also on their way!

Battle of Lexington- Patriot's Day Reenactment (Lexington, MA) (8636636095).jpg

This British Reenactor stands guard at the grave site of two of the three British soldiers killed at the bridge in 1775.  This regal gentleman from North Andover, MA has British ancestry so chose his side accordingly.  He is apparently talented at the sewing machine as he made the beautiful red coat he has on out of authentic wool from the mill that still supplies material for the British military.  Photo: © DFries
It took me a few years to actually get a hummer to come to a feeder.  Year after year I would put different types of feeders out only to be snubbed by the elusive species.  So, I stepped up my game and sought out the plants they liked and plopped them into the garden hoping they would see my invitation and stay for a bit.  

 I continued to fill and refill the feeders to keep them delicious for the little birds even if it were only ants that showed up.  My persistence finally paid off last spring when I noticed a fast something go whizzing by that was bigger than a bug, darting back and forth in a hummer's characteristic flying pattern.  

The newest feeder has yellow flowers and no red, if this feeder attracts bees instead of birds I will paint the yellow flowers with red nail polish and add a red ribbon for added punch!
Of course I had not gotten the feeders out yet and I ran inside to prep them hoping the little bird wouldn't be insulted at my lack of hospitality.  That little bird did come back along with others and I usually stopped whatever I was doing to watch them and since they frequent the feeder many times a day you can image how much got done around my house last summer! 

Lonely travelers they are, they make their migration on their own, even the young make the journey without their parents!  After wintering in places like Mexico, Panama, West Indies, and southern Florida they fatten up and take off for their breeding habitats in North America.  And, if they like a certain area, they usually come back to the same habitat, it is very likely that the hummer you saw at your feeder last summer was the one that will be visiting you again.

So don't wait, whether you are awaiting repeat birds or just trying to attract them, hungry hummers are on the way!

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