Whoo Hoo! I've got stars in my eyes!

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I really love what I do, especially when the customers are this adorable!   Photo: Celeste Coley

It's not easy starting a business.  It's risky.  Incredibly hard with long hours.  It's risky and can be lonely... and... did I say risky?  But, when you get a confirmation that what you are doing is good, in this case not just a confirmation but a wag of the tail too, well that's something special...

It began with a nice note in my Etsy email box.  Artisan Celeste Coley had visited my online shop and mentioned she loved it.  Besides being a wonderful jewelry artist, Celeste also runs a cool review blog and offered to do a review of one of my products.  Being an introvert I have a tendency to shy away from most self-promotion.  I also have a fear of criticism which I have always grappled with.   Back in college my least favorite class was "Critique Day" which was every Friday in Advanced Graphic Design.  Not only did we have to stand and present our designs but we had to withstand feedback from the professor as well as from fellow students.  Seriously, I would get light headed and dizzy right before my turn!  I survived those days and have grown up a lot since college thank goodness but, I have to admit, I still get a little queasy about putting myself out there.

Celeste picked out this colorful little collar to review for her furry friend!

With one eye closed I jumped on the computer to check to see if Celeste had done her review.  As I scrolled down her ratings she had given me I opened both eyes quickly because what I saw was so awesome.  I found that I had hit a home run!  Yes ladies and gents... SublimeBirdy got 5 stars!

So, thank you Celeste, not just for your 5 star review but for giving this introvert a little boost of confidence!  In honor of my 5 stars and for making Celeste's little dog happy I would like to share a 10% off coupon code to use in my store good until 12/31/2015.  If you see something you like use code CELESTIALTHANKYOU to get your discount.

Check out Celeste's beautiful jewelry here and read her reviews of artisan products here

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