How to grow owls in your windowbox

by - 8:29 PM

What you need:

  • Available window boxes 
  • Some nice soil, perhaps with some wilted flowers for cushion 
  • A good view with some height 
  • Magic
So, after a bird-less winter due to a red tail taking roost at night in a fir tree high above my roof line not even the junkos will stop by for a little seed on the really cold days. I don't blame them really, they know what's up and what's up is watching them right up in that fir tree. So, no "window watching" for me this winter, boring, boring, boring... Now, I've had some crazy "animal moments" in my life like when a baby squirrel fell out of a tree right onto a trampoline full of girls during my daughters birthday party and another time when my son begged me to save a baby raccoon that had fallen out of an entirely different tree.
We had "Rocky" for a few days and tried to bring him to an animal rehabilitationist
but there was a particular virus going around that year in raccoons and no one could take
him, on advise of one rehab person I plopped him in a basket and hung it on the
tree that he fell out of.  I skeptically hung out in the dark to be sure he didn't fall into the
road again and imagine my surprise when I saw the mommy come out and grab him out
of the basket and pull him into the hole of the tree back home.
But I've not seen anything like this.... what good fortune for these people and what a most amazing thing to have this happen right in their window box of all places. I don't exactly think opening the window is a good idea as it may spook the mommy and you really don't want to attract attention to the babies but otherwise what a cool family for hooking up the webcam and letting us peak into the life of "Mrs. Tiger".

Thank you to the family for sharing this amazing experience, I've taken my feeder down so as not to attract any more predators and at least for now I can do a little bird-watching from my computer "window".

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  1. such an amazing thing....You have never failed to amaze me at your ability to see a world of wonder all within view of one's window.

    Your husband,


  2. Fantastic. Oh how I wish.... Though a few years ago a screech owl moved into a wood duck house I'd put up in our woods...:)

    1. That's great, Screech owls are one of my favorites!

  3. How nice to observe up close. Although I have lived in the woods for 5 plus years most wildlife stay their distance. But I still get some very good views of some critter ever so often when they think I am not around. So glad that the raccoon's mother came to its rescue.
    Enjoyed your post -- barbara

  4. Thank you Barbara,

    I am enjoying your blog as well, especially your great writing of the history of the old buildings and wow - I love trees - you have some great pictures of tress and of course the pictures of your dog Sal are precious, what a cutie! You are very good with the camera.