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       An Obituary

Buddy the good, good dog.  Photo: Russ Campbell  http://russcam.com/

Buddy the good, good dog passed away after a lengthy illness on a beautiful sunny morning in the loving arms of the two women that understood and loved him best.

When Buddy came to live with the five members of the Fries family he was a wild and rambunctious character.  Years of pent up emotion, aggression and unused energy came flowing out of him and often to the embarrassment of his new owners.  He brought an unpredictable energy to an established routine family life proving that what becomes unraveled can, eventually, become orderly again.

A fearless protector of every boundary, even the ones that he did not own, would bring him bounding at breakneck speed where once he cornered a frightened man who placed his bike between Buddy and himself until he could flee to the nearby bike path.  

Sometimes an ornery character, he let it be known what he thought of you right away. Not especially a lover of little dogs Buddy would stand guard at the window in the slim chance one would happen to walk by so he could wail and bark incessantly in warning to his new family.  He took great pride in his job of warning the family of danger including barking and jumping at the smoke alarm that frequently went off during the preparation of dinner.  

Buddy never learned to enjoy a car ride although he had many opportunities to do so.  He would spend as much as five hours at a time on one lengthy trip complaining to the other passengers how much he hated the car.  Wailing in a high pitched squeal for most of any ride was his specialty.  Sometimes even pooping in the back to teach the car a lesson if necessary. It was more often than not that the family would have to pull over and flee the car, passengers stumbling out in order to clean up the results of Buddy’s protests.
Later in life, when he began to understand that not everything or everyone was challenging him, Buddy’s demeanor softened allowing for his doggy exuberance to escape.  Dinner time became a mad sliding dash into the kitchen, walks became less aggressive and enjoyable, on nice weather days he was able to sit outside on the porch without mischief, he smiled and flirted.
Hiking!  Buddy and Emma
One of the great loves of Buddy’s life was for one member of the Fries family.  Emma Fries and Buddy became fast friends from the first day they met, unlike his other relationships with people which was guarded and strained at the beginning, he had a fondness for her right away.  It was with Emma that he chose to curl up with most nights and when he became more trusting, he gave her his belly to rub first.  Emma spent most days teaching him tricks which he learned quickly and both were very proud of their accomplishments.  He would romp with joy down the walkway when he saw her come home from school.  Their bond was very tight even when he pooped in her bed to show his disapproval of her new boyfriend.

In the end, he endured his illness until it finally took too much of his joy, his mobility and all of his appetite though he still had the great capacity to love.  Buddy leaves a much quieter household and is survived by his dog friend Ginger, his best friend Emily and the rest of the Fries family which includes Deb, Grant, Madison and Richard.  

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