The Stuff Dog Dreams are Made of

by - 5:39 PM

You know when you see your dog lying on his favorite bed or his blanky, maybe even the couch if you allow that and he's whimpering a little, nose going, legs moving?

Yeah, he's dreaming about running through the woods.  And no, he's not running after a squeaky toy, or on a jog through the neighborhood with you, not even about chasing the bunny through the back yard... well, maybe he's dreaming about chasing the bunny through the backyard...  It is a wild, untethered, tongue wagging run through the woods.  Yup, no cars, no one telling you "no", or "stay" or "leave it"!   Nope, nothing like that.

He's dreaming about a run through the woods like no other run through the woods we could ever experience.   I love this video if anything for the joy on the dogs face.  Also that the cyclist, Drew Trimakas can give these moments to his dogs, even the blind one, every dog should feel this wild, exhilarating freedom, they were born for it and dog parks only come so close to giving it to them.

And, for that matter, every human should feel this too.  Enjoy whatever it is you do that gives you this much joy, and if you don't have it... go find it.

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  1. Great video -- those dogs must be in their glory on those bike runs.. Tough to find trails today that are empty of other owners and their dogs. Leash only signs are everywhere. My new apt. has a huge park across the way where I take my dog to fetch -- it does not have leash regs. -- barbara

  2. Such joy for a dog. We live in a rural area and there was plenty of room to romp for all of our dogs over the years....:)