The Great Blue Heron Sticks out the Winter

by - 3:11 PM

On one of my usual dog walks through the woods I had noticed this summer that the pond we walk around had been stalked by a Great Blue.  This large beautiful bird was enjoying the work of another recent visitor, a beaver, that had flooded the areas around the pond creating perfect wading areas.  In the spring this pond comes alive with an abundance of frogs which I image make for great meals all through summer.

As I recently wrote about here, this Great Blue Heron had still not migrated as of the end of September but I expected he might leave in the coming weeks.  He must have really liked his pond because he decided to stick around here in Lexington as he can still be found wading in the pond looking for something to eat. And, this really isn't weather he will enjoy, we are expecting blizzard conditions over night with lows close to -17!  Poor fellow, he really didn't know what he was in for.  

Regardless, he won't have to resort to ice fishing if the pond closes up, he can still eat small mammals such mice, voles and rats or he may grab a small bird or two.  I hope for his sake he has built a nest in a high tree where he can hunker down for a few days to ride out the weather.

This Downy is filling up before the
snow and cold really whip up.

Robins enjoying the fountain on the fish pond during
a snap of very cold temperatures in December.
They visit the pond in flocks and one or two of them
stand guard and then take turns to sip.

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