Looking for love in all the right places

by - 9:31 PM

Sunset over the Great Meadow

hoo hoo hoooo hoo hoo

The persistent, rhythmic noise intercepted my dreams poking me gently awake.  It was an hour or two before dawn.  I lay with my eyes closed, half asleep.    

hoo hoo hoooo hoo hoo

hoo hoo hoooo hoo hoo

and again…

hoo hoo hoooo hoo hoo

I rolled to my side, eyes still closed but listening now, expecting it, and there it was…

hoo hoo hoooo hoo hoo

The deep, soft call of a Great Horned owl, he was looking for a mate.  Great Horned owls can be heard during this time of year calling to each other.  No bar scene, no casual glance on the “T” or flirting at a party, somehow, these birds throw out some hooting into the dark filled night and hope for a response.
If a connection is made they will find a nest and breed in late January into February and hatch one or two chicks. 

Alas, this male called into the early morning without a response. 

Tonight, despite the cold, I may sleep with my window cracked open in the hopes that I hear this male find his lady.

Hear the call of a Great Horned owl here

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