Sewing the wintertime blues away

by - 12:51 PM

Late winter can be a mad, mad time in New England.

The calendar tells you spring is almost here, and with the anticipated arrival of daylight savings time lengthening the day, it awakens the memories of blissful warm temperatures, the cheerful return of crocus and tulips, peepers sing their tunes and birds are back at the windowsill.  But there seems to be ample grey in late winter and spring in New England.  I know it’s the reason everything is so green in the summer here but we sure do pay for it.

The lingering snow and ice can make grumpy moods grumpier, with its armor of grit and mud, the last lingerings of cold temperatures leaving us to witness its slow demise. During last year’s snowy season we actually had a pool going around our office to see how late into the season the enormous snow pile outside our windows would last. I won because I am a pessimist, not really, but I just might be the oldest in the office with a better memory of how persistent snowbanks can be.

However, having little control of the outside environment should have no bearing on the inside, be it your immediate surrounds or inside your own head.  So, on a cold and sleety day I chose to grab some colorful combinations of fabric to sooth my impatience with the weather and make some summer sun hats.   The iPod plays in the background, persistently shuffling my playlists no matter how many times I’ve tried to stop the shuffle feature.   One song melts into another and the sewing machine hums.  I realize the fruits of my labor as the hats come to life, colors bright and cheerful, the grey weather is gone from my head although still outside, and then I realize I am cheerfully singing along to Christmas music sneakily playing from my faulty iPod!

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